To be published in 2020


There are many great books on China, some are highly critical, others mire themselves in business, politics, facts and figures or paint a picture of a utopian culture that totally contradicts rational thinking. I am personally a great fan of "Poorly made in China" by Paul Midler and "Mr China" by Tim Clissold, both provide an interesting insight into the surreal mechanics of China business at the time, but very little is offered outside this environment, the people, the surreal lifestyle and the often bizarre practices that are a result of China's modern history.


Rattus Fabrica


Addresses this balance, It is one man's no-holds-barred journey through China's opening up, its dramatic rise and its ‘great leap backwards’. Often hilarious, always frustrating, and in many cases just surreal. It tracks a journey of optimism that is slowly eroded step by step, until he realises he has played his part in the greatest deception of the 21st Century.


Rattus Fabrica will amuse "old China hand's", inform "China virgins", offend "snowflakes"  and entertain those who simply have a passing interest in the country or love a good story.


Rattus Fabrica is not recommended for those who have visited China and related a sanitized version of reality on their return home. It should be avoided by their friends and family and members of the Chinese Communist Party.